Custom Monthly Planner Notebook - Month over 2 Pages


A Custom Weekly Planner Notebook with a Month over 2 Pages (Travelers Notebook Insert) - created by you! Featuring your choice of a beautiful high quality art print as your cover design & inside page design elements -  handcrafted into a notebook, with your chosen pages.

Paper used is a superior quality French 90gsm paper. Tomoe River Paper will be coming as an option soon & will allow larger Notebooks to be made.

All the options here allow you to fully customise the cover & pages in your Month over 2 Pages Planner Notebook!

You can choose:

Your Cover Artwork - which also features on all your inside pages

Your Cover Quality - Simple (250gsm) Card or Luxury (290gsm) Canvas paper Card 

To Personalise Your Cover - With a Personalised Circle & Cover Metallic Artwork

Your Size - There are 10 size choices (see pictures)

Add Creative Pages - Dot grid, Blank, Lined or Square Grid.

A Monthly Overview Page called a This Month Plan Page {in 3 design types}

Add a Habit or Goal Tracker {in 3 design types}

You can even do a Total Customisation - Choosing the Flow of your Pages!

If you prefer a more Simple Notebook - see the Wilderness Simplicity Notebook Inserts - where all the choices are made for you here - 

How to Choose:

See the pictures in this listing for your choice of Cover Artwork, Inside Pages & Notebook Size. Choose your Size, Cover Artwork, any Cover Personalisations you may like & the Week on 1 Page Planner Pages you would like in your Notebook plus any little extras!. 

Simply select "No Thanks" or "Doesn't apply to me" if you don't wish to include that option in your Notebook!

Foxy Fix Leather Notebooks are a favourite at Wilderness, so their sizes are included as a reference {purely because I love them!}

Personalised Cover Options

You can choose between 2 quality Cover Types.

Simple (250gsm) Card has a high quality print & is a more matt, flat, simple finish.

Luxury Art (290gsm) Canvas Paper Card is the highest quality Art Card and has more depth and richness in its print. It uses Archival Inks in printing & is more durable. This is the Original Wilderness Notebook Cover.

Personalised Circle:

This appears as a small coloured circle on the bottom right of your cover. The colour matches the Cover Artwork. You can type in your word to be included on the circle.

Some examples -  Weeks | This Year  | Your first Name  |  Future  |  Plans 

Hand Drawn Metallic Elements:

A hand-drawn design in Metallic art ink,  to enhance the Front & Inside Cover Artwork. 

 For more information on using Wilderness Custom Notebooks & Travelers Notebooks, see About Custom Notebooks & Wilderness Journal {Blog} in the Menu :)

Making Time & Shipping:

All Wilderness pieces are handcrafted by me (Tanya)! They take approximately 10 - 15 working days to make once your order is received. Due to the handcrafted nature of wilderness Notebooks - your order cannot be cancelled or changed from 24 hours after your purchase.

All pieces ship from the East Coast of Australia as standard letters to keep your shipping cost down. This does not include tracking. Please choose the shipping upgrade option if you wish to include tracking.

Tanya xx

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