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A beautiful way to find calm & peace in the everyday chaos that can be our lives.
 Find a way to have a conversation with yourself & feel a little more centred.
Planning & Journaling can be seen as regimented, boring or even fluffy.
But really it's the perfect blend of functionality & free creativity!
It's all about what works for you & how you want to spend the time in your life {or your day}.
It's a commitment to looking after yourself & your time here.


Where do you want to head?



Creativity Takes Courage


Wilderness Notebook Page Designs & Covers are based on hand-painted watercolour & ink artworks inspired by nature, women, colour & shape, painted in my little Wilderness Studio. These Cover Artworks are lovingly handcrafted into Notebooks ranging from Simplicity Notebooks (set choices) to the bespoke fully customised Custom Notebook range.

In my re-discovery of the analogue world of Paper & Pen, I found many notebooks, planner systems & ways of journaling. I also found I wanted beautiful covers & inside page designs that match my cover! So, I started using my artworks to create Notebook Covers & Page Designs for Wilderness Paper Boutique. This beauty also means that you WANT to hang out with such a pretty thing! As we all know, that's half the challenge of "keeping on top of things" - revisiting, checking in and resetting our lives. These notebooks keep you coming back to plan, relax, focus, re-set & feel at peace.

Available in 10 sizes, Wilderness Notebooks are designed to be used as an insert in refillable Leather Notebooks (eg. All types of Travelers Notebooks) as well as being fabulous Notebooks all on their own. I personally love the Travelers Notebook system, which you will soon discover in the Wilderness Journal/Blog (pop over if you'd like to get some background & basics - also see below), and if you see me out and about in social media land! 


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Wilderness Paper is a superior quality French 90gsm paper which can withstand all inks & even light watercolour paint.

Tomoe River Paper will be coming as an option soon! I'm currently testing this beautiful Japanese paper out . If you head over to the Blog you'll get some updates :) It is a superior quality super lightweight paper that takes ink superbly. I'm excited about bringing this paper to Wilderness Paper Boutique, as I'll be able to handcraft notebooks with many more pages!!

Use your Wilderness Notebook as a Travelers Notebook Insert, Planner, Bullet Journal, Creative Notebook, Art Journal, Thought Notebook, List Notebook, Brain Dump, Goal Setting Notebook, Quote Journal, Recipe Book - whatever you please!




Travelers Notebooks & Notebooks as Inserts:

Handmade Leather Travelers Notebooks {the original is Midori & all after are often referred to as a type of "Fauxdori"}  are a fantastic way to house a single - or many - Wilderness Notebooks! Notebooks are held in with colourful elastic & wrapped in leather beauty.

Notebooks used inside are called "inserts".

You can switch up which notebook inserts you house inside at any time! Freedom in Planning, Functional Creativity! With so much freedom you can have several Travelers Notebooks, each with it's own set of Travelers Notebook Inserts - each for a different purpose :)

Foxy Fix Leather Notebooks are a favourite at Wilderness to house out pretty Notebooks, so their sizes are included as a reference!


How to Choose:

The listings are organised by either:

 Custom Planner Notebooks -

Custom make a Notebook choosing you Cover Artwork & Page Designs - with Weekly, Monthly planning pages, combinations of these -  plus add Creative Pages, Tracker Pages, Weekly or Monthly Overview Pages.


Custom Creative Notebooks -

Custom make a Notebook choosing your Cover Artwork & Page Designs - with Dot Grid, Blank, Lined or Square Grid pages, Combinations, Tracker Page Choices, Index Page, Page Numbers.


 Simplicity Notebooks - 

Here all the choices have been made for you, you simply pick the ready made Notebook for you! You can still choose your Artwork, Size & Cover Quality.






Wilderness Custom Notebooks have 10 Size choices! These are available in the drop down menu on each Wilderness Notebook Design. The Sizes are based on popular notebook sizes worldwide, including various brands of Travellers Notebooks. Foxy Fix is a favourite Travelers Notebook Brand here at Wilderness , so these sizes are specifically mentioned. 







 Some Tips:

*In smaller Notebooks it may be better to have your Weeks or Months set out over 2 or 4 pages.

*The easiest way to get started in journaling, bullet journaling or planning is to - get started! And - don't even think about "mistakes". part of all creative processes is learning to change direction, or accept what might be viewed as a "mistake". Go with it - see where it takes you :)

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