About Wilderness

Well hello there!
My name is Tanya & Wilderness Paper Boutique is the sunshine of my life!
Welcome to my place :)
Wilderness is a place of re-connection.
A re-connection of ourselves.
A re-connection with the freedom that creativity & strength can bring.
Make a life that's Wild & Free.
Wild | Independent | Strong
Free | Creative | Feminine | Peaceful


We all want our days to feel peaceful & sorted (some days that idea is very distant!)
We want to plan big for our futures.
We want to focus on what's important to us.
We want a balance that keeps us being all we can be.



Wilderness Notebooks are designed to bring hand-painted prettiness into your everyday world.
They bring beauty, creativity & total functionality into your days.
Writing, Journaling & Planning reconnects you with your ideas, your creativity, your inner-world, your loved ones & what your focus is everyday.
Wilderness Custom Notebooks - Planner or Creative. You choose the Inside Pages & Artwork.
Wilderness Simplicity Notebooks - The page choices are made for you. You choose your Cover Artwork.
Simple | Beautiful
A bit more Personal...
I'm a highschool music teacher & have been a musician since I was a wee little thing. Music is a very big love in my life. I play & teach piano, guitar & sing.
I loved Art while in High-School, but found myself drifting away from it as I worked full-time & became a Mum. It took a split in my family for me to look at what was important to me. It all came down to Freedom. Being who I am & reminding myself to not just do what is expected in my roles as a Mum & provider.
Custom Notebook Cover Personalised Weeks Planner
Art helped me start to make my life Wild & Free again. 
I paint using watercolours, textile inks & acrylic ink. Abstract colour, shape, the female form, flowers & foliage are my constant inspirations.
 Have a look around & say hello! Enjoy your time at my place :) 
Tanya xx
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