What is Planner Peace?

I have always been attracted to the art of sorting and organising my time. It's a little weird in a way, given that I'm not a super "ordered/ stick to the rules & guidelines/regimented"  type soul.
When it comes to being productive however, I know the peace and calm that comes with knowing I have at least sorted a time for things to be done, and that I've allocated big things in my life. I know I reeeaallly don't like that sinking dread when I know I've missed something necessary, nor do I like being in a tail spin or chaos.
Chaos has it's place in other areas - not in my day to day, moving forward, being a giving and productive woman stuff :)
  I also know myself well enough to know that when I enjoy tasks , I do them well, and will come back and do them well again!
One of the main things I need in order to achieve well during repetitive, necessary tasks like this, is -
If I'm in a beautiful environment,  I have pretty flowers around me, or a new notebook smelling divine with a pretty cover that I love to touch - I can work for hours!
I must say though - like most of us - I'm not interested in huge amounts of planning time! I want to get in there, have great tools, beautifully set out planner pages just the way I like them - and get out!
Sometimes the urge may hit you to play around, draw, make your page pretty, bullet journal some thoughts.....
 This to me is the perfect unity of creativity & direction. Some days this is how I can work out where I want to be, where I'm going - both in the moment and in the future.
As you know - there is such joy is simply putting pen to paper.
It slows you down.
You begin to ponder.
You can feel yourself  prioritising  - letting go of things that really are not urgent -  or even necessary.
Every planning session I do (on Sunday evenings!) gives me focus, direction, sometimes even a little "pat on the back" moment  -  and I'm TERRIBLE  at these!
This to me is Planner Peace.
I don't have to ask everyone else what I should be doing,
asking them to carry my burdens as well as their own.
I know what's coming (mostly!), I know I have the capacity to handle it (mostly!).
True independence and therefore - true freedom :)
This is my motivation for creating the beautiful hand painted & hand made works of art that will be Wilderness Notebooks!
I wanted pretty notebooks that you love to touch and write in - of any size -  that contain any combination   of page types  and designs that   you like :)
Even the colour of the paper can be chosen!
Wilderness Notebooks are coming soon..
 You can choose:
Covers, Page Colours, Type/Design   & Size!
 Any size up to A4 - which has me soooo excited to share with you!
More coming soon....
Enjoy your love of paper & pretty & we'll chat soon
Tanya xx
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