Behind the Scenes of Making Wilderness

Recently I've been asked  lots of questions about how I go about the actual painting process of Wilderness Clutches, Feathers, Tassels & the very beautiful - soon to arrive -
 Wilderness Notebooks!
You may have spied these beautiful Notebooks hanging around:)
It's so exciting to be able to bring you these Notebooks soon! You will swoon!
And, as an added bonus,  you can satisfy your obsession with paper & stationary-
(oh yep, I have one of those too)!
These covers are Hand-painted & Drawn & Printed onto beautiful Canvas Paper - for strength and flexibility and a lovely feel to the touch.
So -  how do things happen & get created behind the scenes?
 This is part of my home Studio :) It has a few things going on at any one time! The large table is awesome! I tend to work on several pieces at a time, so when painting pieces for stores I work at least 4 at a time.
You can probably also spot a few inspirations I have up on the walls.
 This is my current painting medium love!
Permaset Aqua is an Australian made textile ink that has a texture I love. I also love how it blends and mixes with other colours. The metallic range is beautiful!
It is an eco friendly water based ink, & so very easy to hand paint with - it doesn't have any nasty stink!
I paint in a very watercolour style and love free flowing paint - and this ink stands up fantastically to my style.
This is me painting away!
So you can get a peek behind the scenes - how about I focus on one piece & its process :)
This is the start of the Queen Protea Design   being made! It will be a brand new member of the Emily Collection at Wilderness!
This beauty will be coming soon for Wilderness 16/17.
First for this design, I start with some drawing work on thick canvas. This gives me the general shape and shading details of the Protea. This piece took a few practise pieces as it is such a botanical design. I wanted to capture its natural beauty.
All Wilderness pieces are painted & drawn individually on each Clutch or Accessory canvas so there is quite a bit of time (and love!) involved in each piece.
The Queen Protea is then sealed to prevent the drawn ink from bleeding during my very watery painting time.
I then hand-paint  - using small watercolour brushes - the petal details, stem, leaves & the pretty highlights of the flower :) The Queen Protea even has small dabs of red to bring out the beautiful contrasting stem. Two of the colour stories for this piece have a bright background painted in too!
Coming another time soon - I'll give you a peek behind the making of the new line of Wilderness Notebooks :)
 All Wilderness Notebooks are fully customised by you (!!) and have a beautiful hand drawn metallic overlay!
I'm actually most excited about the choices you can make! Custom design your own Notebook simply & easily!
You can choose -  your type of inside pages, your size (any size up to A4!), your page colours and your hand-painted cover!
Turn your beautiful notebook into a planner, a journal, diary, bullet journal, easy pocket notebook, a fantastic no fuss personalised gift, a leather notebook insert, or art journal!
In fact anything you desire!
I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my Wilderness painting! Maybe grab some paints yourself and splash away :)
If you haven't joined the Wilderness Tribe - pop over here -  so you can get the exclusive invite to the Pre-Release Week of the new Wilderness 16/17 Collection :)
Speak soon,
Love Tanya xx
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