Travelers Notebooks, Planning Zen & what I use inside.....

If you happened to read my last post, you'll know I was sharing my new found love for Refillable Leather Notebooks :)
In particular the brand Foxy Fox is my latest obsession...I actually ordered my second one after my last blog post! A gorgeous deep purple small leather notebook, ready to take on some little tiny Wilderness Notebooks!
I've decided this one will be for fun - and I'll keep my large monster for organised planning.
Just so you know - this is not anything I get paid for! I'm literally just sharing the love :)
Photo Credit - Foxy Fix
While talking all things planning and planners with friends - I've discovered a few things that easily happen to us all in the wonderful world of trying to organise our lives.
One important , and understandable concern, is that not everyone feels more organised. In fact some people feel more overwhelmed when facing planning, or even looking in their planner!
We've had some great chats about this and we all began to wonder if it's because we love making our pages beautiful!
Personally I have found it a very organic and changing process working out how to set out my pages so it's not a mess! I haven't really focused on decoration as such.
But some friends of mine spend a large amount of time adding on stamps, stickers, washi tape & pretty things - without using the time and paper space to slot in daily or weekly priorities, trim away the unnecessary or cluttering activities in our lives & getting stuff done! And it drives them crazy!
I suffer the other way...I very much like to prioritise - and therefore re-prioritise! This can make my spaces look chaotic, although the content is not chaos at all!
This has been my main focus while putting together choices page types & designs,  to go inside Wilderness Notebooks.
I have focused on embracing the fact that we are all different! We all require different systems of Notebooks! They function differently for all of us - and not only that - this can change at anytime for all of us!
Rather than try to fit everyone into a system of pages, with me telling you how each notebook and set of pages should function, or even what order they go in -
If you get to a point where your system needs a shake-up, overhaul or spring clean - you can simply change it up in a new Wilderness Notebook!
 This is a snapshot of a little puppy that has been helping me so much! This isn't the whole page - but after all this is just a peak inside ;) This is how it's helped me:
A Bit About My System:
I have a Monthly Planner Notebook that helps me do "big picture" plans and plot out how to reach goals by a certain time in any given month. Also handy for Birthdays/Events and such :)
I then look at my Monthly Planner while setting out my weeks.
My Weekly Planner is where things can often be shuffled or re-prioritised, despite my efforts at sticking to plane (changes are just going to happen!) - so the above page design has become my savior :)
The Design is called a "This Week" page and I've popped it into my Weekly Planner for each week. As I have my Weekly Planner over 2 pages, I have a "This Week" page right in the middle of each week.
I wasn't sure if I'd use it, and at first I didn't - however now - it's a big yay! It's my little tool for keeping clear each week - especially on weeks where my lists seem HUGE! It's a fantastic little summary page - and a re-focus tool :)
I can't say enough about how it's helped clear my head and help me move forward each week.
Now - of course - this page may not work for you in your Custom Wilderness Notebook!!
And that's ok!! Because you can create whatever works for you! :)
I personally like my Months and Weeks in separate Notebooks -
you may prefer them together!
I prefer a Vertical Planner  - you may prefer Horizontal! (More on these beauties next time)
I love Dot Grids for Bullet Journalling, Brainstorming and making notes on the books I'm reading - you may prefer lines pages!
Or of course you could put some Dot Grid pages or Lined Pages in with your Planner pages :)
 All Wilderness Notebooks will come with some beautiful Introduction Pages. These are designed as a space for you to brainstorm ideas, decide on your focus for the year - or even just the focus of your Notebook! I'm most excited about these pretty spaces, which I will share more of next time :)
The beautiful Circles you've been seeing here while reading, are all hand-painted watercolour artworks (by me!), that I've included as Design features in your Wilderness Notebook.
Ahhhhh......! The joy of Custom Made!
Next time I visit the new Wilderness Notebooks - I'd also like to share the Weekly & Monthly Planer Page Designs you can choose from :)
Pop onto this link if you'd like to score an Invitation to the Early Bird Week - full of Pre-Release Designs and Bonus Offers :)
 Speak Soon :)
Tanya xx
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