Reflecting & Planning 2017 - 2018

At this time of year I find Reflection & Planning a really constructive combination that lets me learn from life and learn how to move forward.

It helps me make the best use of my time and allows me to feel less stressed and pressured by the daily demands we all face. Prioritising is key!

It is so much better than getting stuck on "new years resolutions" that are usually shallow and meaningless. They kind of act more as a way to criticise yourself rather than get your head into the New Year!

We can love or hate time - sometimes both! It can work for us or against us in many ways. Often we feel like slaves to time rather than seeing all it's possibilities.

I love this time of year. Looking back over the last 12 months at the HUGE amount of things that I (and my family) have experienced & seeing what is I've learnt.

It is so important to discover what I want to take forward with me and what I'd rather leave behind.



Where I Reflect & Ponder


 This is one of my favourite thinking spots. For whatever reason I seem to think & work better when I'm outside. I can do it inside :) It just all seems to click and flow when I find somewhere in nature. I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Australia - even luckier to live on the East Coast of Australia - and this is little place is quite close to my house.

I had also just done a massive hour and a half walk before I sat here so I was definitely in thinking mode!



Peaceful thinking at the beach feet in the waves


 I've recently learnt that about myself.... making my body strong makes me feel like I'm showing who I am on the inside - on the outside. Hike-like walks have become a slight obsession - which is pretty new for me!

After pondering it's time to show what a true Planner Nerd I am -  and yes - I sat down to Plan how I was going to Plan for 2018!

2017 knocked me off my path a few times so I'm determined to look back, learn, take what I want & leave behind what doesn't deserve to be in my life anymore.

Below is a snapshot of how I started planning :)

I searched around (something I don't normally do), and found some inspiring ideas on how to sort my goals into priorities  - but importantly to also to define what made a goal important enough to be one of only a few top goals of the year.

The idea i discovered that I really love is how to break these goals down into which tasks I need to do AND which HABITS I need to form, in order to get myself closer to these goals!

That's the part I really love :) Breaking it all down so you can see it building back up, clicking together and working!

Yes - Planner Nerd ;)


Planner Nerd


I hope this helps you start to get your head around a new calendar year! I'll check back with more as I go.


PS - if you haven't come across Lisa Jacobs and her "Your Best Year" planner - it is super amazing! I often dip into it to help myself break down tasks and guide myself through my months and weeks. As I'm currently testing out Tomoe River Paper for wilderness Paper Boutique - i have a couple of 70 or so paged notebooks that I'm trialling to test the paper out and the Your Best Year approach :) I'll let you know how they go!

Tanya xx


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