My Travelers Notebook! Foxy Fix refillable leather yumminess :)

So I've always had a slight obsession with stationery, journals, notebooks, pens, ink....paper in general....!
And, it has been a while since I've come across something that I'm just in love with!
But yes, it has happened!
Photo Credit - Foxy FixSMLXL
Photo Credit - Foxy Fix
This is a beautifully  Refillable Leather Notebook made by Foxy Fix!
So it's out - I'm in love with Foxy Fix ;)
I think I'm in love for many reasons:
1. It's absolutely a totally, fully functional, piece of beauty.
2. It is totally Custom Designed for ME & MY LIFE & HOW I WANT TO USE IT! {Totally best thing ever!}
3. I love touching it....;)
4. It fulfills my need for beautiful notebooks {of MY CHOICE!} to draw in, plan in, note & brain storm in, plot, observe, see my weekly happenings in.
5. But the BEST thing is that I get to have a lush leather cover and TOTALLY REPLACEABLE INSERTS INSIDE!
So how did I discover these beauties? And....what are they exactly??!
When I decided a few months ago to change up my planning system, I went for a bit of a hunt. It didn't take me long to discover the Midori Travellers Notebook system (this pretty thing in Black) - which is where all these Leather Notebook ideas popped up from - including my new brand love - Foxy Fix.
So the basic idea is that you have a Leather Notebook cover. It has a secure elastic you can stretch over in order to keep it closed and secure - which means you can pack in as little or as much as you like inside.
Inside it has these cool elastics to hold your notebooks with. You simply open your notebook to the centre and slide it under and around one elastic. So the Leather Notebook you can see here, can easily hold at least 4 Notebooks! (There are also little tricks to adding even more notebooks).
Photo above - Foxy Fix
There are various items you can also house inside such as sturdy plastic sleeves, leather card slots, leather (or any material) zip pouches, pen loops just to name a few.
These little pouches, sleeves and holders allow you to set your creative side loose. And, along with the fact that you can change up which notebooks you have inside - it is totally customised by YOU!
You can pop in photos, bills (yawn, but yes I do in my planner Leather Notebook), artworks, pens, washi tape, stickers, post-its, you name it!
This is my current Refillable Leather Notebook Planner - a Foxy Fix!
It is the largest size they make - it's their Size 9.
Size does count! (It's the equivalent of a B4 size, which is smaller than an A4 bigger than A5.)
This size works brilliantly for my monthly planning notebook, weekly planning notebook, brainstorm bullet journal, learning bullet journal, order notebook & tracking notebooks.
I've found it quite a revelation! Because I can customise what's inside - I find it beautiful to hold, feel & look at ! I love using it everyday & therefore keep track of my everyday so much more effectively! :) was onto Notebooks that I could Custom Design into any size I wanted...
Freshly inspired, I decided  to create my own hand-painted Custom Notebooks, so I  could have exactly the sizes & inside pages  I wanted...
- and so can YOU!
Above you can see two hand-painted Wilderness Notebook Designs "Free" & "Lilly"
Free has my Weekly Planner Pages inside & Lilly has my Monthly Planner Pages inside :) Next time I'll show you more on these pages.
You can choose what type of pages you have inside your Wilderness Notebook - even mix and match! Months and Weeks Planner? Dot Grid and Lined? Weekly Planner & Dot Grid?
Each Page Design comes with Personal Starter Pages - a place to brainstorm, set goals & decide what your Notebook is for you :)
Each Wilderness Notebook features your choice of Hand-painted Cover Design with hand-drawn metallic features & comes in any size you want up to A4!
Next time - I'll get a little intimate with each new Wilderness Notebook Design - there are 14 to choose from!!
If you'd like your personal exclusive invitation to the Early Bird Week for the new Wilderness 16/17 Collection in Mid November  - Click on the pretty flower!
You get first access & some lovely bonus offers :)
Till next time,
Love - Tanya xx
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