Mothers & Daughters

Recently I wanted to open up the Wilderness doors and re-connect with all the lovely women who love making their life into something they are proud of. I decided that to find them I'd hold a giveaway on Facebook, that was dedicated to our mums, and also to our daughters.
 I really had no idea just how many of us would jump in and share! I was super touched by all the love that was shown, and it was easy to see that all of us loved reading about the amazing women out there, who are simply getting on with their days and loving those around them!
It reminded me to really stop and take a moment to reflect on how important women are in our world. Yes, there are many people who support "womens rights" and talk about how lovely women are. We often hear about how we parent as women and how we support our partners.
This outpouring of stories & sharing really drove home the need for us to honor women and girls everyday!
AND - 
Not just honor girls and women for what they do for others - but for how they inatley move through the world with love, positive intention, big visions, strong connections and want the best for all females.
There is nothing more stunningly beautiful about a woman than her amazement at all the women in her life!
All people have the potential to be this amazing to each other.
This is a little reminder to myself to choose to be around these amazing women :)
Feather Love & Wild Tassel in Elevate Design (Yellow & Grey)
Off to a beautiful mum!
Until next time!
Love Tanya xx
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