Little Reminders

How often do you spend time on just you?

Especially as women - we think of others, plan things for others, help others, listen to others, problem solve for others almost all the time.

How often do we give this to ourselves?

How can we do that?

Writing in a Journal or a Planner is more than just passing time, musing, or rigidly planning your day. The physical act of writing allows our minds and unconscious to process so much more than typing, texting, emailing or having a conversation about the news. As you write you talk to yourself. You make connections with things that may be puzzling you, that may be hurtful to you or sad . You start to problem solve. Things become clearer.

The other beautiful thing about writing id that it slows you down. You physically start to relax, breathe more slowly, you mind has to work through one thing at a time.

Words are very powerful.


I sing you to me Australia


This image always reminds me of the power of words. When I first heard the lines this young boy Nullah said in the movie "Australia" , they stuck with me so strongly I had to write them down.

He was trying, in his own way,  to tell a new mother figure in his life that she was exactly that to him. She was part of him now.

He said to her as she had to leave "I'll sing you to me". At any moment he knows he can call and she'll be there.

Over the years I collected a few quotes from books I read at University , movies I watched, and especially songs. Every now and then I pull them out and have a read.


Creativity takes Courage journal quote

Whatever I read usually starts me on a path of thinking, pondering and then writing. I find by the end of it I've worked out whatever it was I needed to work out.

In Wilderness 2018 there will be 2 beautiful notebook bundles - made up of 4 Notebooks each. One will be a Planner Bundle and the other a Personal Journal Journal Bundle.

This personal Journey Journal will have some beautiful words, prompt and places to spend time on just you.

Some of these wise words are also appearing on some gorgeous new Cover Artwork Designs. I call them "Little Reminders" :)

The words can be part of the front or back cover and tie in beautifully with the Artwork I've painted and drawn especially for the quote.



Quote Notebooks Little Reminders Travelers Notebook Inserts


This is a peek at "Vast & Brilliant" - a little look inside the back 2 pages.

This Cover Artwork is coming soon for Wilderness 2018  - in 4 beautiful colour choices - seen here in French Green. 

There are 4 new Little Reminder Designs - Cover Artworks to get your head set before you write!

Every-time I go to these books I feel myself slow down, take time to think and focus all those amazing things we do for others - onto myself.

Take some time to find yourself your own Little Reminders. Write them somewhere beautiful - pass them on to others :)

I can't wait to share more with you!


Love and love,

Tanya xx

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