Life Stories & Rebuilding

I thought maybe it was time to share a bit of a Life Story. 

I've been a bit quiet for the last few months. Although I've been busy painting & making in my Art Studio at home, designing new pages, fulfilling orders, I haven't been "visible" so much :)

I've had the opportunity to under go some massive changes this year. As my Wilderness Tribe people would know. 

The change was forced onto me and my children so it's been an experience - for sure.

Recently I realised how very grateful I am that it happened. I feel like the universe took it upon herself to force a change that I was taking too long to fully realise and make on my own. I would have gotten there eventually but who knows how that could have unfolded along the way.

I still see it for what it was. I still see how unecessarily hurtful, spiteful and mean it was BUT I am so grateful that the universe had my back & my kids and I can benifit from being in a better place.

I've made many new discoveries, found many new places and people. And it is all a strong reminder that I do love to learn. It's brought me back to showing basic kindness even when it doesn't reflect back to me & it's allowed me to make some tough choices that are a bit scary.

Part of these new discoveries has led me back to writing - as everything always seems to!

Journaling to rebuild your life

A pen in my hand, head bent over a beautiful notebook with gorgeous paper - somewhere by myself (probably outside), focusing, pouring it out or just jotting down some ideas and planning my week.

While writing my brain onto paper I thought I'd take it a step further and put together some ideas that have popped up for me constantly during this year of massive change and adjustment. I thought they could help anyone through any change or challenge - from a small low level feeling of unhappiness, to having a truama dropped into your lap that you have to suddenly deal with.

Everytime I write or check in with myself I've been taking notes and using it for Wilderness, so I can share it with you :)

Personal Journey:

 Part of Wilderness 2018 (coming late November 2017) there will be a new line of Bundles. These will be 4 notebooks all bundled up together to help you with one thing in particular. For Wilderness 2018 there will be:

1. A Planner Bundle          and

2. A Personal Journey Bundle

The Personal Journey Bundle is a special baby for me :) I've split a Journey of you into 4 notebooks that I hope you can go to at anytime, work through (or play with!) & come out the other side feeling recharged, re-focused, "gotten it all out of your system" or just feel understood and re-directed.

Finding peace


Wilderness 2018 has started taking shape and it's an exciting place to be!

It's turning into a celebration of change, growth, challenges, rebuilding and finding you're stronger than you were before.

If you'd like all the early bird goodies pop over here: Wilderness Tribe


 Life Stories:

I wanted to leave you these thoughts:

Our lives are simply a bunch of Life Stories. What stories do we tell? What does this say about us?

What stories do we tell each other? Why do others share those stories with you? What else is this saying?

Does someone share life stories with you where they are always the hero? Or the victim? What does this say about them?

We get to create the stories we tell, share, pass on to our children and friends. I keep this in mind everytime I feel lost, trapped or even angry.

Let's build life stories that we love & that tell the world who we really are :)

And on the flip side - when someone tells you similar Life Stories all the attention....

Journal your life story travelers notebook

Coming in Wilderness 2018 - 

  • Beautiful new Artwork for you to choose to feature on your notebook cover and inside pages.
  • New page choices such as - habit and goal trackers, dot grid background options, Week over 4 pages, a day on 1 page.
  • Bundles - Grab a bundle of 4 notebooks :)
  • 1. Planning Bundle - everything you need to get planning your choices, life and week!
  • 2. Personal Journey Bundle - 4 notebooks to get you clear, help you work it all out, process and find you way through anything :)
  • Wilderness Simplicity - pre-made notebooks for those of us who don't want to customise :)
  • Personalise your Cover - pop your own mark on the front :)
  • Cover Quality choices - from Simple to Luxury Art Canvas Card
  • A new custom approach to ordering

 Tanya xx

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