How to Bullet Journal & Plan using Weeks - A guide for beginners Part 2!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Part 2 in the Wilderness "How to Bullet Journal Guide" :)
In Part One of "How to Bullet Journal" we looked at the original fundamentals  of the Bullet Journal system. Check it out here:
In this Part 2 I want to look at how you can use your Dot Grid pages to create a Weekly Planner :)
This is by no means compulsory  thing to draw up each week- you can use your Dot Grid pages for anything you choose!
Many people like the flexibility of being able to draw up and alter their Planner each week - so I'll take you through a few ideas!
I have taken a few photos of my own "before the pen" set ups of Weeks in my Large 1 Creative Pages Custom Wilderness Notebook, to give you a variety of Diary or Planner set-ups.
 This first Week layout above is a Horizontal Week Over 1 Page. The days run across the page. On the second facing page I have drawn up an overview of the week type of page - I call it a "This Week Plan Page". This type of page can be selected in your Custom Wilderness Notebook too (if you prefer to have it done for you) as you'll see later :)
I often find I do a summary after my weekly plans, then I tend to look at my This Week Plan Pages first when glancing at my week!
On this overview page I have sections for: Meals ,This Week, Don't' Forget & To Do.
Here's a close up of the Week layout side:
I'd been practising my hand writing before I set this week up, so I wanted to use it in this layout! My writing still a way to go - but it gives a bit of casual prettiness :) It's fun too! And relaxing. It forces you to sit with it and focus for longer :)
I tend to base pages around a colour story - this one being browns & gold (with Wilderness Feather Love & Tassels to match!)
I also included a little Month of January at the top - which was quite a helpful little addition, I repeated this idea on other layouts too.
This next layout is a Vertical Week over 2 Pages (my favourite set up!). I find following my day down the page works so much better for me.
I also had a chance to have a spot for "next week" on the far right on this weekly layout.
This allows me to jot notes in as I go through the week.
I also included a spot at the bottom of every second day to note which tasks needed to be moved to another time, so I could glance back and make sure I was still finishing them off. This worked really well for me.
Here is a close up - you can see the writing I was playing around with. I used a gold metallic pen first - with very flat stretched out purple script over the top in felt pen! 
The colour story I used here was gold & Purple.
This next week is actually a new discovery  & one I'm really enjoying. It's a very minimal layout & has the hours of the day written vertically - refereed to as a Vertical  Time Tracker. The Week is a Vertical Planner over 2 Pages.
Lines are then drawn around the times of the day a task or event will take up. I love the graphic form it takes & how it becomes it's own little random artwork!
On the right page I also included a Tracker section with the days of the week down the left side - I then write in tasks I want to track for the week and note which days I did them!
Here is a close-up of the Vertical Time Tracker:
The last layout I've been switching between is a type of Horizontal Week Over 1 Page, with a focus on a This Week Plan Page on the left.
On the This Week Plan Page I have a box for : Events, Tasks, Priorities & Next Week.
I find having a place to jot ideas for the next week really useful - especially during very busy times of the Month.
I included a couple of places for Trackers & a little mini month up the top.
 The names of the days are written down the page allowing more space beside them to write notes.
This page I used my love of Turquoise & Grey :)
Of course - this flexible changing of layouts is not for everyone! 
As I've mentioned before I don't use my Bullet Journal / Dot Grid pages for my everyday planning.
Instead I use a printed layout so I can just focus on my tasks each week - rather than drawing them up!
I love playing around in my Bullet Journal with layouts - I draw them up, test them out & make notes. This is how I find new layouts to design for Wilderness Weekly Planner Inside Pages!
The 4 I've shown you here are in testing stages for new Weekly Inside Page choices :)
Once you've worked out the best way for you to get all your thoughts, plans, tasks, events onto a page - whether you simply brainstorm, mind map, create bullets with a key & symbols or make notes - you can then play around with your Weeks, Days & Months to choose which works best for you!
Of course you may find changing your layout works best!
This is an example of the Wilderness Weekly Inside Pages that I use in my everyday planner. It is all printed & sewn into a Wilderness Custom Notebook for me, so I simply focus on my organisation.
This is my Large 1 Notebook (with 2 Tiny Be Free Notebooks!).
It has a Vertical Week over 2 pages, a This Week Plan Page & Dot Grid Page, all wrapped up in the Be Free Design (my favourite little feather design!!).
Here's the This Week Plan Page & Dot Grid (I went with Blue for January & a quote for the Week!):-
 Here is my Week set up on the next page:-
 Not quite weeks are not that empty!! Although it's nice to imagine they are ;)
I hope you've found these examples a bit of inspiration for your planning time :) Jump in, get started, see what you come up with!
You'll be seeing some of these designs tweaked & then pop up in the Weekly Inside Page section for those of us who'd rather not do the drawing up each week.
For those of us who love redesigning, drawing & playing with our layout {as I've shown you here} - the Creative Inside Pages are there with Grid choices, Lines & even Blank pages :)
Happy creating!
Speak soon,
Tanya xx
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