How to Bullet Journal: Creating Months & Years - a guide for beginners Part 4!

Welcome to designing your Months & Years in your Notebook, Journal or Bullet Journal!
This series of looking at creating your own Journal & Planning pages using Dot Grid, Blank, Square Grid or even Lined pages has covered - Week Design Layouts, Day to a Page layouts, looked at the basics of Bullet Journaling & what Dot Grid pages are!
For more on the background to this series pop over here:
Today I wanted to look at the various ways we can create some Monthly Planner Pages of our own using Dot Grid pages. Of you can use a blank notebook or any other type of page! I have been playing with Dot Grid recently so I tend to draw up on those pages most of the time :)
 Circles and organic shapes are a reoccurring theme for me so I've been testing out various circular Month layouts.
Of course - you have to introduce our Month in style first! February is the best Month of it may have my Birthday in it....!
Bringing in some watercolour paints would also work really well if you choose to have a title page set-up for your Month (more on that later!).
I find I use my Months as a general big picture overview. I go back to them when I want to focus on planning ahead and I make sure that events or tasks are timed well so I can add them into my weeks.
I personally use my weeks way more than Months, but reoccurring tasks or one off future events can be really useful in a Month set-up. I find it clears my head going back to the Month to check in and plan ahead into future Months.
 This is an example of a circular Month layout I've been experimenting with. I managed to pop in the first days of March as well!
I see this much more as an events type Month layout - an overview to see that events don't clash. How easy would it be to pop one on each page to cover a whole year too!
It has a great visual impact & is simple to draw up. I used my massive morning coffee cup for  tracing the outside circle & a dainty mug for the inside circle!I then used a ruler to split the circle into 30 sections. I'm not into measuring (which drives many people crazy) I just use my magic eye....haha! I also like the look of obviously hand-drawn pages.
You can see the lines that come out of the circle of dates, are all ready for notes to be made :)
I also popped in a little sun outline in February - as in my part of the world it is way hot right now!!
For planning tasks, and more everyday occurrences I myself need more space, but I do like the instant & clear information you get from this Month Circle.
 Such beautiful inspiration!
I love the creative way you can express a Month when drawing up your own Journal or Planner. You can play around with the seasonal features of the Month while keeping yourself sorted!
This is a beautiful example on Square Grid paper, also available as a choice for you to pop into your Wilderness Custom Notebooks.
Next time I chat to you all, I'll be looking at all these fabulous creative ways to bring art into your Notebook. I've been testing out painting on my Wilderness Notebook paper and it's working beautifully! I use watercolour & ink but my favourite at the moment is a textile ink and yes - I paint on paper with it too!
This is a great example of a Month layout you can use for more of a planning tool (Image from Pretty Prints and Paper).
You may draw this up on the pages before you do your months worth of Weeks - or you may want to dedicate a double page to future months if you have a few things on. Of course they can be drawn up whenever you'd like to look ahead - there is no need to keep it all strictly chronological!
Keeping the dates a faint colour (above), means it not only looks awesome - but you can easily jot notes over the top!
You can choose which day you start your weeks on and how much space you need for each day. I use this lay-out as a planner before I sort my weeks :)
Future Logs are an original Bullet Journal ideas and can be a fantastic overview tool.
Having access to large periods of time over only 4 pages, means you can not only see where plans have been made but do what the real soul of future planning is and - 
 Plan it in!!
Really wish you could find the time to do something?? Pop it in there now! Once it's there you have created a situation where you have to start something new!
This is the great lesson in Planning and Journalling. You can physically start to make things happen in your life that you want to have happen.
From the very small to the huge!
And it so totally doesn't matter if it doesn't actually occur this time round! you will have started the steps you need to take towards you goal/holiday/aim/wish - and so next time you commit to adding it into your Planner it will that much easier to work towards!
And you really will get there :)
Several smaller Months all drawn together - or spread out throughout your Journal - can give you that special space to go and think, plot & plan where you'd like to head - or big changes you want to start working on.
 Another example :)
This example has important dates and events colour coded down the side.
You can also of course just have an overview of your year that is more of a glance page.
This is something you get in all Wilderness Custom Notebooks in the first few pages :)
You can jot in birthdays or important events, or even come up with a colour code system that you can pop on the back to expand on your dates.
Have fun with your Months - and seriously see how jumping into planning your future months works for you! Sometimes I'll even look at the next year - just to prove to myself that I can head in that direction if I really want to !
Speak Soon,
Tanya xx
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