How to Bullet Journal - A guide for beginners Part 3!

Hi and welcome to Part 3 of the Wilderness guide to Bullet Journals {& journals & planning & everything in between}!
So far in Part 1 & 2 of this guide, we've been looking at what Dot Grid is, the Original bullet Journal system & how it may help you get started on your own journey & some Planner Week layouts that are lovely inspiration for you to draw up yourself (or choose as your pre-printed Inside Pages)
Pop over here if you'd like some background to this post :)
There are no rules here. This is one of the best things about creating your own Diary or Planing system! Sometimes just looking at ways of drawing up pages {or even just topics that people focus on} on Dot Grid paper {and then creating your own type of Bullet Journal} can spark your own ideas & versions.
That happens to me a lot I must say :)
Wilderness Custom Notebooks allow you to create the type of Notebook or Travelers Notebook Insert that works best for you! Use Dot Grid, Square Grid, Blank or Lined Pages to draw up Ideas, Plans, Diary Weeks, Goals, Recipes, Quotes - endless options! Or pick pre-designed Weekly layouts, Monthly, Planning Pages - or a combination of everything!
I've discovered {as many of us have!} that a Day to a Page can be super useful. Especially if you are a fan of little Notebooks. Those tiny pages can become much more functional with a Day on each page {these will be coming as pre-designed choices soon!}
I thought I'd start with an example of a Day to a Page that is a similar layout to a Week I recently shared with you.
It uses the Vertical Time Tracker System, which I love for it's functionality, minimalist style & graphic arty look !
As you can see the hours of the day are set out vertically down the page. You then draw a line around the hours a task or event will be occurring, making a note of what it is on the right side of the time.
I also  created a horizontal version, to be used by turning your Notebook sideways:
Because I love my Vertical weeks, I drew up a version for a Day too!
This way your day is split into sections rather than hours.
I know I'm not a clock-watcher & it kinda drives me a little crazy to do that!
Especially if you create your own work/task flow during the day - it can be helpful to just know which part of the day things need to be done.
Leading on from this - A day layout that utlisies priorities rather than set hours! A little added - Must Do area gives you the Priorities that you can't bump! Move To - also means you an go easy on yourself {something we don't do enough of}.
Little Add-Ins!!
I know many people love making a little visual note - and pften it realtes to their environmetn:
Or maybe keeping Track of things that you want to turn into a Habit:
A place for sparking some creativity in your Day:
Or sorting your family meals:
In Part 4 I'll be looking at Months & the Year - Part 5 of this Guide I'll be looking at Creativity in Wilderness Custom Notebooks - either incorporating it into your daily plans - or not at all!
These Day Layouts are being refined & tested right now to be available as pre-designed & printed options - to add in some Daily Choices into your Custom Notebook Pages!
I know lovers of gorgeous cute Notebooks will be happy chappies! :)
Speak soon,
Tanya xx
Tanya xx
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