Helpful Planner Pages to add into your Planner

Beautifully designed, printed & easy-to-add extra plan pages that you can pop into your Wilderness Custom Notebook Insert!

These pages are an easy way to add to your organisation every day, week & month!

My favourite planner page at the moment in my This Week Planner Page.

I thought I'd show you how it can be used & when it can be used, to help you organise yourself, your time, your family & get stuff done!


This Week Planner Page:




A short overview of my approach:

I've found that while planning my week in my diary or planner that I go through a few stages.

I will often do a big brain dump in a dot grid Wilderness Notebook just to get ideas, thoughts, to-do's out of my head and onto paper. I can then take the time to sort them or allocate them into my Month or Week.

I more often go to my Weeks first - I have a little check around, see what's coming up & what needs to be shifted around, plan things in that I've just noted in my brain dump, look at my top 3 for the current week or day & get myself sorted.

Every now and then I go to my Months first, future plan there, and then take that into each Week as well.


During the Week I often sit my planner on the end of the couch so I'm reminded to have a look in the evening and know I'm on track for the next day.

During times of higher stress (which is often these days!) I will also take it with me and know that everything I need is in there.

Because I love the paper, artwork design & beautiful leather Travellers Notebooks that I use , I enjoy going and having some me planning time. It's not just sorting things, it's also looking after myself.



How I use my This Week Planner Page:

This has actually changed over time! This Plan Page really has a couple of functions for me.

The first way I use it is to highlight important events or tasks in a week in the "at a glance" section. I take these important events or tasks from my Monthly Planner and put them in here ahead of time.

The "at a glance" section then gets added into as I travel through my week, with things like when my daughter has to be taken to work, and odds and ends that pop up during time.

I also use this Plan Page while jotting down items in my Week. I start with my Goals for the Week and then take my top 3 and pop them in my Top 3 section. I revisit this area a lot as I travel through my Week, taking note of what I want done.

These priorities usually end up being the things I need to get done in order to feel sorted and a bit more sane! If I DON'T get these done they can easily get transferred to the next Week. 

This is not a big deal on it's own, however if it happens too much, I start to feel burdened by these priority tasks & a bit run down. 

Quite often I've found these priority tasks are the ones I know need to be done, but they freak me out in some way or other.

It's a good little peek into my own head! It gives me a place to start when I'm starting a task - I already know I'm resisting it & need to just make myself do it!





 As I move through my Week I flick to this Plan Page & check how I'm going so I don't get swept away by day to day items that demand my attention. It helps me re-focus.

Some Weeks I even leave this Plan Page blank & then find it a fantastic way to re-sort my Week while I'm in the middle of it!

This has been a new planning tool for me & I find it brilliant! 

I can re-set my priorities as I go and re-sort a very messy /busy looking Week using the This Week Plan Page.


The Notes section I tend to use as a reminder of things coming up or making a note of items I want to move to another time. This helps relieve me of any unnecessary pressure. 

I can see it will be done, just not right now!



This Month Plan Page:

This page is a saviour when looking at the bigger picture of a Month. I love that I can look ahead to the next Month & start putting in some ideas, which helps as a reference when I start the next Month off!


I'm also one of the may people who loves planning in 3's.

I find it too much to look at 3 months and then splitting it down to a Month at a time - BUT what I do love is having my top 3 for the Month, Week and most times even on each Day.



More on the Power of 3 another time :) It really is a thing!!


If you're trying to find some extra ways to help you re-think how you use and plan your time, have a look at the This Week and/or This Month Plan Page when you're next building your own Wilderness Custom Notebook. It can just have you looking at your plans in a whole new light!


Speak Soon,

Tanya xx

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