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New Years Peaceful reflective thinking feet in the waves at the beach

Reflecting & Planning 2017 - 2018

At this time of year I find Reflection & Planning a really constructive combination that lets me learn from life and learn how to move forward. It is so much better than getting stuck on "new years resolutions" that are usually shallow and meaningless. They kind of act more as a way to criticise yourself rather than get your head into the New Year!
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Little Reminders

Little Reminders

Writing in a Journal or a Planner is more than just passing time, musing, or rigidly planning your day. The physical act of writing allows our minds and unconscious to process so much more than typing, texting, emailing or having a conversation about the news. As you write you talk to yourself. You make connections with things that may be puzzling you, that may be hurtful to you or sad .
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Life Stories & Rebuilding

Life Stories & Rebuilding

I've had the opportunity to under go some massive changes this year.The change was forced onto me and my children so it's been an experience - for sure.

Recently I realised how very grateful I am that it happened. I feel like the universe took it upon herself to force a change that I was taking too long to fully realise and make on my own. I would have gotten there eventually but who knows how that could have unfolded along the way.

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